Kodi 18 LEIA Review “Estuary Skin Mod” How To Setup

How one can Setup Kodi 18 LEIA evaluate. It is a evaluate and setup of the pores and skin and the nightly Kodi 18

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  1. I like your vids on the Estuary skin mod. I use it on Kodi 17 (Wn10) and it
    is really awesome. One question : in the main menu, there are different
    items, such as music, videos, and so on. I’d like to change the backgrounds
    of each of these items. I go to Customize Main Menu, select let’s say
    videos, then select “select background”, there are about 14 defaults jpg
    pictures. I would like to select a picture from my C-drive, but there is no
    option to select any drive. If I select single or multi image, it guides me
    to the file browser, but there are no images in it, nor any drive. There
    should be images to select in the single/multi option, but there aren’t ?
    Or is this not possible ? Tnx for your advise.

  2. you are a man of your words thanks. would method work with version 2 of
    this mod? first version looks like a very old version of kodi not like what
    I see on this video. don’t know why

  3. go to interface skin settings home menu then go over and down to show media
    flags for movies/epos/music vids and turn it to off.

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